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Resource Guides on this page

British Columbia - Lower Mainland and GVRD

I will do my best to keep this page updated on a regular basis. If any of this info is out of date, please contact me or message me on LinkedIn

Use these Search tools:

  • Facebook Marketplace – many private landlords here. It can be easier to apply and get into rentals privately, and its more likely to find shared here as well. My only issue with private landlords is that they don’t always follow government rules about renting and sometimes they take advantage of renters. So use caution.
  • Craigslist Vancouver / Fraser Valley – I didn’t try this but I think you will find many here similar to FB Marketplace. 
  • is my favourite and I find the best listings there – mostly they are commercial but some are private landlords
  • Zumper is good

Some companies manage/build several buildings:

Find Properties that use Google Ads

Normally, I don’t pay attention to ads but rental companies are getting competitive. If you search Google for “Langley apartment rentals” (or any other location you want to stay) you almost always can find some ads. 

If you can wait a few months, keep an eye on upcoming rentals in new buildings

Here are two I found coming up in 2023. I’m sure there are many others. I found many of these from Google Ads.

Parker by Mosaic
Fraser Landing

Stay organized

Apartment hunting can be stressful. It’s important to keep track of every place you apply, which ones you need to follow up with and more. There are many ways to keep track of everything. If you aren’t using  it already, I strongly suggest that you use Trello and set up a Kanban board with the following columns:

Coming Soon, Need to make contact, Working on it, Applied, Reply Received, Denied

I find this really helps in staying organized, writing notes, etc. I put in manager phone numbers and names, what I need to do next, any notes, copies of documents I send and more. 

Getting Evicted?

Sadly, I faced this issue with the private landlord we rented from. We were here for 4 years, and they finally gave us a two-month notice. Rules are very strict in BC and the laws and government support tenants. Landlords must follow strict laws. If you think you are being unfairly evicted, or you can provide evidence that the landlord has not performed their responsibility well, you can file a complaint. The BC government has created a superb website where you can fill your application online and get arbitration. Learn more here

Make sure you sign a tenancy agreement!!!

The most important thing you can do is get your rental signed on paper. If you rent from buildings or management companies this isn’t an issue as they all due background checks, sign documents and so forth. But from private landlords, this is highly recommended. There are tonnes of horror stories of good families renting without an agreement on paper and then one day the landlord increases rent by 50% (which is totally illegal by the way). 

We don’t have this issue as much in our Ummah, but it happens still.

Here are some more properties for which I have applied, am applying now, or will very soon:

Hillside Place
Buena Vista
Freemont Village
The Oaks Coquitlam
Silver Springs Boulevard
Fremont Residences
Sydney Rentals
Village at Thunderbird
Parque Langley
200 Central
Panorama Crossing
Lexington Court
The Akerley
Metro in Surrey
Lakewood by Mosaic
ERA Maple Ridge

Ontario - Waterloo - Conestoga campus

For students looking for shared, I found you some links: (click “off campus rentals” tab)

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